Features of a Hasty Bake



The thermometer is accurate within 1%.


Ventless Hood

The Ventless Hood traps all the smoke and heat around the food, providing even cooking temperatures, juicier meats, and great smoke flavor.


Grease Drain System

“V-shaped” cooking grates work with the grease drain rod to help funnel all grease out of the grill into a disposable grease cup; drastically reducing flare-ups.



A full access firedoor helps to maintain the fire while leaving the hood, food and cooking grates untouched. Add wood chunks or charcoal in a matter of seconds with no mess.


Heat Deflector

The Heat Deflector makes indirect cooking and smoking extremely effective by quickly eliminating direct heat and forcing a natural convection system.



The firebox is fully removable, making starting and maintaining the fire effortless.


Lift Mechanism

With almost 14” of adjustability, the Lift Mechanism makes a flawless transition between any desired temperature and/or cooking method.



With an intake vent at the lowest part of the firebox and an exhaust vent just below the cooking grates, temperature is easily controlled and maintained.


Ash Pan

The Ash Pan catches any seasoning, sauce and ash dispensed while cooking. This is also fully removable, making cleanup exceptionally easy.

Outdoor Kitchen

Hasty-Bake Outdoor Kitchens Construction We build & supply products for outdoor kitchens in Tulsa & around the world.

Grilling 101

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Why Hasty-Bake?

Hasty-Bake Reviews1948: Grant Hastings produced the first Hasty-Bake pioneering the industry of "backyard barbecue."